Testimonial by Dave Barfield

Dave_Its1ne – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuOI7AbiHNGXfLQ-9zdOIdw

Thank you Dave for the review! Dave is a beginner skateboarder and v-logger from the North Florida area. We want to help make skateboarding just a little bit easier and love the passion that Dave shows for skateboarding, so we sent him a set of Wheel Snacks™ to get his opinion on our new product. In this video, Dave lands one of his first pop shuvs and even forces some wheel bite to show the effectiveness of Wheel Snacks™! Thank you so much for such a great recommendation and we look forward to watching your skating continue to progress!

Check out his youtube (link above) and his instagram @Dave_Its1ne

An Honest Review by Michael Relevant


Thank you Michael for your honest review of our product! Obviously, nothing can eliminate wheel bite 100% forever, and if you’re riding very very soft cruiser wheels, which are known for their stickiness and inability to slide, Wheel Snacks™ may not be for you, but if you skate regular, hard wheels (standard skateboard wheels), which are used primarily in street skating and for doing tricks, (like we do!) you can see in Michael’s review that Wheel Snacks™ really do work and can help reduce your wheel bite!