How Can Wheel Snacks™ Help You Skate Better?

Wheel Snacks™ allow you to enjoy the freedom to ride loose trucks without having to worry about wheel bite. With Wheel Snacks™, you don’t need to give up board control by using riser pads, tightening your trucks, or risking wax rubbing off on your wheels. Read how Wheel Snacks™ work below!

Wheel Snacks™ come in a set of 4 pieces that are applied underneath your skateboard to stop wheel bite. New Wheel Snacks™ skull designs coming soon!


How it Works: When you apply wax under your board, you’re essentially applying a temporary reduced friction surface so that your wheels don’t stick to your board. Wheel Snacks™ patent-pending technology uses a specialty plastic with dry lubricants and an extremely low coefficient of friction that acts as wax, so your wheels don’t ‘bite,’ but unlike wax, nothing slippery will rub off on your wheels and you won’t have to re-apply anything.

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