Why You Shouldn’t Ride Tight Trucks

At first glance, tight trucks might seem like the obvious answer. Your board won’t wobble so it might seem easier to ride and control. And you won’t have to worry about wheel bite, which is also appealing. But in reality, you’re actually giving up a lot of board control and making skateboarding even harder for yourself in exchange for what seems to be easier at the time.

I will admit, riding loose trucks for the first time may seem more difficult but it really just takes five or ten minutes to get adjusted and you’ll be fine. Once you’re properly adjusted to the feeling of loose trucks, you’ll immediately understand why it is much more practical than riding tight trucks. Those wobbles that you were afraid of or weren’t comfortable enough to learn how to control? They now move with your feet, exactly how you control them. Pivoting for turns? Nah, you can just lean into it now. That rigidness with tight trucks that once felt more secure? Now it’s limiting because with loose trucks, you gain that extra range of motion which lets you better manipulate the movements of your board to how you want.

And that is really what skateboarding is – manipulating the movements of your board to how you want.


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